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Microsoft Campus Agreement

The ILR School has entered into a Campus Agreement with Microsoft Licensing, G.P. effective July 1,2008 through June 30, 2009. The software listed below is made available to you because ILR is participating in the Microsoft Campus Agreement program.  A Volume License Product Key will be generated for the licensed faculty and staff members at ILR who need to load Microsoft Product Activation enabled software on institution-owned or leased machines for institution-related work. The Volume License Product Key is assigned to each faculty and staff member and is intended for the sole use of the user who is granted this special key. Holders of these key codes are required to keep their Volume License Product Keys secure and only distribute them to employees authorized to install and distribute the software on the designated machines. You will be held responsible for unauthorized use of your unique Volume License Product Key.

The available application, system, and Client Access License (CAL) products are:

Microsoft Office Professional (including Office Professional for Mac)

Depending on the edition used, Office contains some or all of the following components: Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint ®, Microsoft Office Outlook ®, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office InfoPath ™, Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Entourage™, and/or Virtual PC for Mac. Note: A Windows desktop operating system is not included as part of the volume licensing edition of Office for Mac Professional.

Microsoft Windows Professional Desktop Operating System (OS) Upgrades

Entitles you to upgrade to the most current version of Windows Professional and Tablet PC editions. For example, if you currently run Windows 2000, you are licensed to upgrade to Windows XP Professional. Please note that this is an upgrade only, not a full license. In order to run any version of a Microsoft Windows operating system licensed through Campus Agreement, you or your users must have a valid license for a Microsoft Windows operating system on each PC on which the software is run.

Microsoft Core Client Access License ( CAL )

Includes Client Access Licenses for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Microsoft Systems Management Server, and Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Campus and School Use Rights

The Campus and School License Rights document is subject to change periodically. For that reason, it is important to review the most current version before initiating or renewing your Campus Agreement coverage. You should also check our Web site from time to time for any updates to the Campus and School License Rights. If the Campus and School License Rights change during your coverage period, those changes will not affect your product use rights you until you begin a new coverage period. Get a copy of the most current version of the Campus and School License Rights.

Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR)

The Microsoft Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) document contains the product-specific terms and conditions that govern how Microsoft products can be used in the volume licensing programs. It is the equivalent of the End User License Agreement (EULA) that you would receive when purchasing a retail product. Much of the wording is common to both the EULA and the PUR. This document is updated regularly. The PUR that is in effect as of the beginning of the licensed period for a particular product version remains in effect throughout the licensed period. For the three-year option, the use rights lock when a product is first ordered. If a new version is released, use of that specific version is governed by the most current PUR as of the time of that release. Access the most current PUR.

Work at Home Rights

Under Campus Agreement, faculty and staff members  These rights permit the use of application, system, and CAL products on a personally owned computer at no extra charge.  Staff/Faculty users do not own the license or the CDs, rather they are authorized to use the licensed software and media pursuant to the terms and conditions of the license(s) granted to the institution for the term of the institution's agreement as long as they are employees of ILR.


Distributing Media for Work at Home Use
Faculty and staff that wish to take advantage of Work at Home (WAH) use must contact ILR Technology Services for more information.

Microsoft E-Learning

The ILR School's Microsoft Campus Agreement includes access to Microsoft E-Learning courses online at  These courses are meant to help you keep up to date with the latest major Microsoft application software releases.

Acquiring Microsoft Products for Personal Use

Educators and students can receive special discounts on certain Microsoft products for use on a personally-owned computer. Learn more about your options through Microsoft or visit the Campus Store.