Past PSP Participants

Heidi Guo

Heidi Guo is a current senior in the ILR School. She is originally from Brooklyn, NY and attended Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. When Heidi first received her PSP letter she was, “overwhelmed with excitement and eagerness to explore Cornell over the summer. But at the same time, was also anxious about attending the program.” Even though she initially debated whether or not to participate in the program, she decided to seize the opportunity and make it an amazing experience.

Reflecting on her PSP summer experience, Heidi feels the program built a solid foundation for her growth and learning at Cornell. Heidi stated, “[The PSP Program] helped me gain the necessary skills and knowledge to get a head-start in my college career.”  In her opinion, every aspect of the program is priceless in the way that it leads students to explore their interest and pursue their passion. I’m really grateful that I’d made the decision to join PSP because it was such a once in a lifetime experience that wouldn’t have been gained anywhere else.

Daniel Muniz-Garcia

Daniel Muniz-Garcia graduated from the ILR School in 2016. He is originally from Azusa, CA and attended Rialto High School. Daniel was excited to attend the PSP program and says, “I would have attended even if I wasn’t required.” He was really looking forward to starting a new adventure, but also a bit scared for the coming challenges of attending college.

Daniel’s favorite part of the program is meeting people from different places and backgrounds. He said, “I had a genuine blast! The program provided me with the social and academic tools to take on the rigorous Cornell curriculum.” Daniel felt the small size of the ILR PSP cohort allowed for personal interactions with faculty, other ILR students, and ILR offices. He ends by saying, “Cornell Woodson is also the homie, so you’ll have a blast under his guidance.”

Jeffrey J.

Jeffrey J. graduated from the ILR School in 2015 and graduated with a Masters of Public Administration from Cornell University. Originally from Chicago, he attended Northside College Prep High School. When Jeffrey first got his letter about attending PSP, he was excited but was not sure what to expect. He writes, "PSP was a great opportunity to get more comfortable with the environment at Cornell and have a productive summer after high school." Jeffrey felt that the best part of PSP were the connections he made with the other participants and the ability to acclimate to the academic rigor of Cornell. While here for the summer, he learned about the resources Cornell and ILR offer to support students. Jeffrey was also able to better understand the ILR curriculum and develop some of his interests early on. Overall, he felt more prepared for his first year at Cornell and was glad he chose to participate in PSP.

Thaddeus Talbot

Thaddeus Talbot graduated from the ILR School in 2015. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, he attended James Madison High School. Thaddeus chose to participate in the PSP program even though he was not required to attend, which speaks volumes to the program's benefits. He writes, "I chose PSP because.... I thought [it] would be a great place where I could grow my intellectual and social independence while enjoying a summer in a new environment." Thaddeus was eager to get out of the city and experience something new and embrace his new found independence. According to Thaddeus, some of the best parts of PSP was getting together with the other students to talk about classes and the summer activities. He said, "it was laid back and a nice break from class." PSP helped him transition from his high school mentality like calling his teachers professor instead of Mr. or Mrs., walking to classes that were located in different buildings instead of down the hall, and managing his own time and finances. Thaddeus feels that PSP helped him get acquainted with the campus, boost his confidence, and included the added bonus of earning credit. One thing Thaddeus wants future PSP participants to know is that, "Some of my best friends are folks I spent a lot of time with in PSP. At the same time, once the school year starts do not overlook the importance of branching out and making new friends. Welcome them into your cohort so that your network and exposure to varying opinions expands."