Professional Programs

Group discussion during a professional programs workshop

The ILR School at Cornell University offers the most comprehensive portfolio of professional learning programs and training services focused on work and employment. ILR programs bring together the insight of leading academic researchers with instruction that is grounded in practice. Whatever workplace challenge or problem you face, ILR has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help you find solutions.

Workshops and Certificates

ILR has a range of options convenient to working adults, from one-day programs to a variety of certificates that provide more in-depth training. Gain practical skills that can be applied immediately on-the-job and improve your job performance. Earn an Ivy League credential that can help position you for career growth.

Human Capital Development (HCD)

Human Capital Development at Cornell University's ILR School examines business challenges to deliver practical, results-based learning. HCD works at the intersection of social science and business practice to build individual and organizational capability.

Worker Institute at Cornell

Worker Institute at Cornell starts from the idea that strong workers' rights and collective representation are essential elements of a vibrant, prosperous, democratic society.

Programs for Executives

The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University promotes interdisciplinary education, research and training in dispute resolution for students, academics, neutrals and practitioners.

K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Employment and Disability Institute (EDI)

The Employment and Disability Institute advances knowledge, policies, and practices to enhance the opportunities of people with disabilities through our projects, training, technical assistance, research, and publications. 

Labor and Employment Law Program

The Labor and Employment Law Program at Cornell ILR brings together social scientists and attorneys to inform each other's work with the goal of addressing contemporary labor and employment law and workplace issues to influence litigation and public policy decisions.

Customized Programs

Partner with us to develop a specialized curriculum delivered to employees at your organization, or bring a customized certificate program in house. Our customized programs are tailored to address your specific needs and help drive organizational growth.

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Online Programs through eCornell

eCornell, a subsidiary of Cornell University, offers ILR-authored certificates to professionals seeking online delivery over an in-person immersive workshop experience.

Applied Research

From our extensive digital library to webcasts and expert interviews, ILR gives you access to the latest thinking and insight on work, employment and labor issues. We can also work with you to design research and consulting projects for your specialized needs.

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Are you looking for an advanced graduate degree?

ILR offers graduate degrees to both full-time students and those who choose to work while earning their degree.

No other educational institution has more comprehensive graduate programs in workplace studies.

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