John Bunge

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John Bunge

Professor, Department of Statistical Science
Social Statistics


B.S. Music/philosophy, Macalester College, 1978.
M.A. French literature, Miami University, 1983.
M.S. Statistics, Ohio State University, 1986.
Ph.D. Statistics, Ohio State University, 1989.

Research Statement

Statistical estimation of biodiversity, especially in microbial communities. Applied and theoretical probability.


Journal Articles

    Book Chapters

    • Richard Hurd, John Bunge. 2005. Unionization of Professional and Technical Workers: The Labor Market and Institutional Transformation. in Emerging Labor Market Institutions for the 21st Century. Chicago IL: University of Chicago Press for the National Bureau of Economic Research, 2005. Richard Freeman, Joni Hersch, Lawrence Mishel. (179-206)


    Ives Hall Faculty Wing, Room 294