LERA Recognizes Scholarship at ILR

Lowell Turner receives the 2009 James G. Scoville Best International Comparative IR Paper Award
LERA Recognizes Scholarship at ILR
Monday, February 15, 2010

Lowell Turner, Professor of International & Comparative Labor and Collective Bargaining, was chosen as the first winner of the annual LERA 2009 James G. Scoville  Best International/Comparative IR Paper Award. 

The Scoville Award is a new award to be given annually to a member of LERA for authoring an international and comparative employment issues paper designated by the LERA International Awards Committee as the "most outstanding."

Turner's article, "Institutions and Activism: Crisis and Opportunity for a German Labor Movement in Decline," was published in ILR Review in April of 2009.

The recognition also extends to two former ILR PHD students who shared the LERA 2009 Thomas A. Kochan & Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Award: Marco Hauptmeier, now teaching at Cardiff University, for "Constructing Institutions: Collective Bargaining in Multinational Companies in the United States, Spain and Germany;" and Ming-Wei Liu, now teaching at Rutgers University, for "Chinese Employment Relations and Trade Unions in Transition."

Although the award category is for all dissertations, both winning entries are ILR international dissertations, further reflecting on the strength of international programs at the ILR School.

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