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November 19 2009

ILR signs agreement with Tsinghua University in China

Dean Katz and Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla went to Beijing to sign an agreement with Tsinghua University's center for the study of contemporary China.

Sarosh Kuruvilla and Dean Katz in ChinaThe agreement established the Cornell Tsinghua Labor Lecture Series, and Dean Katz was the inaugural lecturer in the series, delivering a talk on the "Institutional Analysis of Labor-Management Relations: A US Perspective."

The terms of the agreement also provide for undergraduate, graduate and faculty student exchanges. In the longer term, ILR will help Tsinghua establish a labor studies program.

Both Dean Katz and Professor Kuruvilla also delivered lectures at Renmin University in Beijing. Dean Katz lectured on the developments in industrial relations in the US, while Professor Kuruvilla talked about the changes in labor relations globally.

Sarosh Kuruvilla in ChinaThe visit is an important milestone in ILR's involvement in China. The rapid economic development in China has been accompanied by a large increase in labor disputes and strikes, and ILR expertise in labor relations is highly appreciated by our Chinese partners.