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Labor Relations Training Program

Where Corporate Professionals go for Labor Skills

  • Do your HR and Operations professionals have the skills to be a "value-add" in negotiations?
  • Can they effectively manage the relationship with your Unions?
  • Do you want more predictability, better results and less cost from the employee discipline or contract grievance process?
  • Do you want HR staff to handle the basic discipline and contract arbitration hearings?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, than you need the Labor Relations program as part of your training team.  Cornell’s School of Industrial Labor Relations is the nation’s most valued resource for education and assistance in the collective bargaining and contract administration field.

We offer specialized training in two forms: open enrollment collective bargaining training and contract administration training with workshops and certificates in New York City; and customized programs specifically designed for and delivered at your organization

  • Collective Bargaining Studies offers an unmatched source of information, strategy, and skill-building for individuals heading to the bargaining table.  Preparation, strategy development and negotiation skills and practice are key aspects of this program.
  • Contract Administration Studies is a comprehensive course of study focusing on life under an existing collective bargaining agreement.  Cornell will train your professionals in the area of employee discipline, contract interpretation, grievance handling and arbitration and labor law, among other important topics.

The seminars are highly interactive with multiple opportunities to practice learned skills and led by some of the nation’s most qualified and well-respected labor relations practitioners, neutrals and attorneys.  But most importantly, because our specialty is education, we excel at creating skills and capacity in your organization that you will use for years to come.

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Contact Information

Dan McCray
Program Director