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Preparation for Collective Bargaining LR201


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Strategic preparation is critical to successful collective bargaining. This workshop focuses on determining the needs and interests of management and the bargaining unit and aligning collective bargaining objectives with overall business objectives. You will cover:

  • Establishing management objectives and bargaining positions
  • Setting management's collective bargaining priorities
  • Computation of the costs associated with bargaining proposals and contract terms
  • Formulation of bargaining strategies on difficult economic and operational issues

Key Topics

  • Assessment and preparatory research
    • Identifying internal and external factors that influence negotiations
    • Review of grievance and arbitration logs
    • Obtaining input from supervisors and managers
    • Analysis and assembly of negotiation information
      • Bargaining unit demographics
      • Wage rates, benefits, and current cost data
      • Area surveys of wages and benefits
      • Surveys of settlements and industrial patterns
  • Determining management objectives and bargaining positions
    • Determining collective bargaining priorities
    • Setting operational and economic objectives
  • Anticipating union demands and formulating management's possible responses
  • Costing of economic items in the current contract and projected collective bargaining agreements
    • Determining the actual cost of the current agreement before entering negotiations
    • How to determine the actual cost of percentage and dollar increases
    • Costing out additional days of paid time off
    • Cost considerations in a multiyear agreement
  • Identifying strike and settlement issues

Special Features

Case study analysis of complex, cutting-edge economic and operational issues, culminating in group presentations to a "management team" comprised of experienced corporate negotiators and strategists, and a panel discussion on current collective bargaining trends, issues, and solutions.

Who Will Benefit

Labor relations and human resource, operations, and finance professionals who support or have responsibility for collective bargaining

Open enrollment workshops can be taken individually or as part of a certificate in Contract Administration Studies or Collective Bargaining Studies. They are also available as Labor Relations Customized Programs for your organization.


Theodore Bennett, Esq., Senior Director of Labor Relations, ARAMARK, was formerly a partner in a law firm and represented clients in labor relations, HR, and employment law. Mr. Bennet also served as a senior HR executive for several companies including the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York, Inc., responsible for HR, labor relations and related legal matters.

Steve Gorkin, Former Vice President, Global Labor Relations, Colgate-Palmolive Company, was the company's chief spokesperson in the U.S., with preparation responsibility for collective bargaining agreements. Mr. Gorkin was also responsible for overall labor strategies globally. Previously, Mr. Gorkin served as director of human resources for Dannon Company, in which he negotiated contracts with 40 different unions.

John Herbert, Esq., Founding Partner of Ferreira & Herbert Law Group, LLC, and Of Counsel to Rivera & Colon, LLP, has for more than 30 years, has specialized in employment and labor relations law, as well as discrimination, immigration, mediation, dispute resolution, medical products liability, contracts, and general law and litigation matters. Mr. Herbert is also a court certified mediator, and has been involved with a number of mediation and arbitration matters across the country and abroad.

Robert Pearson, Vice President, Human Resources, Sabre Industries, Inc, has held senior human resource positions at Princeton University, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, General Motors, and Saturn Corporation. His responsibilities included employee/labor relations and negotiations with five staff unions at Princeton, and with the UAW, Machinists and Teamsters unions, where he served as management's chief spokesman.

Donald W. Savelson, Esq., Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP, handles a wide variety of labor and employment matters for the firm, including WARN, NLRA wage/hour, unemployment, ADA, FMLA, workers compensation, and occupational safety and health matters. He regularly litigates before government agencies and in the courts and has been actively involved in litigating numerous complex OSHA cases. He has written and lectured widely for almost twenty years and co?authored the first law book on OSHA in 1976, entitled Occupational Safety and Health Law and Practice. Formerly, he was an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board.

Andrea M Basile Terrillion, Esq., Employee and Labor Relations Consultant, served as Director of the Labor Relations Department for both Cornell and Yale University. Focusing on simulation-based education for industry professionals, Ms. Terrillion translated her legal practice in labor relations, equal opportunity, civil rights, and grievance handling for the classroom, educating more than 300 executive educators through Cornell's ILR certificate program. She additionally has spearheaded the development and implementation of "train-the-trainer" programs for major hospitality and oil industry employers, resulting in comprehensive, transferable labor relations education for thousands of supervisors and managers. A published author of both e-Cornell courses and numerous HR and Law related periodicals, she is a staple lecturer on workplace and labor management issues throughout the United States. Ms. Terrillion graduated cum laude from Albany Law School of Union University and she is a member of the American Bar Association's Labor and Employment Law Section.