Cornell University

Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

Tips for Success

  • Keep your profile within CCNet up to date at all times.
  • Make sure you have a résumé that’s targeted for each kind of job you're applying for, and remember to submit the appropriate resume for the job!
  • Learn how to navigate the CCNet system and to use the search features efficiently.
  • Check CCNet regularly for your status.  Especially if you’re designated an alternate by an employer, be sure to keep track of important dates.
  • Some employers will request that you submit a copy of your transcript. You’ll need to create a text document of your grades, since the Cornell Registrar does not provide electronic versions of transcripts. To do this:
    • go to Bear Access
    • click on Student Services folder
    • click on JTF (Just the Facts) folder; enter your netid and password
    • click on Grades in left-side bar; if bar is not bolded, press Continue at the bottom of your screen and click on Grades again
    • select All Grades
    • copy and paste your grades into a Microsoft Word (or other text) document and save it
    • upload your transcript document into CCNet (see CCNet basics if you need instructions)
  • Sometimes you might find that you're unable to submit a résumé for a job you're interested in. The most common reasons this happens are:
    • Your graduation date doesn't fall within the range of dates the employer specified.
    • Your employment eligibility doesn't match employer's requirements.
    • Your educational level is not what the employer is interviewing for.
  • For correspondence about recruiting in ILR and any questions or problems you're having with CCNet, use
  • Use OCS staff as a resource.  We’re here to help you at any stage of your job search!