Cornell University

Office of Career Services

201 Ives Hall, 607-255-7816

General Policies

Preparing for On-Campus Interviewing

The Cornell Career Services On-Campus Recruiting Tutorial provides complete information on using the on-campus recruiting component of CCNet. This tutorial was designed to give you a thorough introduction to the on-campus recruiting tool and to inform you of our expectations for your conduct while recruiting. Completion of the tutorial is required for you to be eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting. This online tutorial will require about 35 minutes to complete. 

Once you have access to CCNet, you’ll need to complete a brief career interest profile. If you would like help in completing this, we have a tutorial specifically for the profile as well.  This should help you learn how to enter your information to get the most out of our system.

All students who plan to participate in ILR on-campus recruiting should additionally,

  • understand the general policies and services of OCS
  • obtain a copy of the Career Guide
  • prepare a résumé and cover letter and have them reviewed
  • schedule a videotaped practice interview
  • attend the ILR Career Fair in the fall semester
  • attend employer presentations throughout the recruiting season

Cancelling Interviews and "No-Shows"

Cornell Career Services and the ILR Office of Career Services expect that students will attend every interview they schedule. Occasionally there are situations that make it impossible to keep an appointment for an on-campus interview. If you cannot attend, or if you elect to cancel an interview, you must notify our office by phone (607-255-7816), e-mail (, or in person (201 Ives Hall) at your earliest convenience, no later than 9:00 a.m. on the business day prior to your interview. Failure to honor an interview appointment that you have scheduled, without this notice of cancellation, is called a "no-show" and is considered by all parties to be a serious breach of courtesy and ethics. The Cornell Career Services Recruiting Policy is available online and is posted in our offices.  We have copies available in our office as well.

ILR follows the CCS Policy and in addition:

  • The first no-show incident requires a written explanation to the recruiter within three (3) business days and a meeting with a member of the OCS staff before the student may continue using on-campus recruiting.
  • Students must bring two copies of the apology letter and a stamped, addressed envelope. OCS staff will mail the letter to the recruiter and keep the second copy on file.
  • A second no-show also requires the letter of apology, and will result in forfeiture of future interviews scheduled through CCNet for a determined length of time, possibly for the remainder of the recruiting season.

Integrity in the Job Search

All personal information that you present during the job search (in your résumé and cover letters, in your CCNet Profile, during interviews, etc.) must be completely accurate.  Falsifying information is considered unethical behavior and will lead to the removal of your on-campus recruiting privileges.  If discovered after you have received a job offer, that offer will most likely be retracted.