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The IATSE Census is a culmination of 2.5 years of work of the IATSE DEI Committee and cross cooperation between several IATSE departments, including the Canadian Department, Education & Training, Communications and Political/Legislative. What stemmed from an original proposal from the DEI Committee to develop union questionnaires to capture broad demographic data was united with a resolution passed by delegates at the 2021 Quadrennial Convention to collect and report on membership demographic information, leading to the development of the IATSE Census. 

The theme of the Census initiative is ā€œIATSE Countsā€, building on the history of intention to see and reach all members and to unify in solidarity to be a strong foundation for future union initiatives

For a deeper history that outlines the journey visit the IATSE Census Tool Kit.

Go to the Tool Kit


Development & Testing 

  • The Census questions are being developed and tested by The Worker Institute at Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR) with input and feedback from the IATSE Census Development Group.
  • It will be offered in the following languagesā€“Canadian-French, Spanish, English.


  • The Worker Institute at Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR) launches this website.
  • District Education Programs that will introduce the IATSE Census partnership with the Worker Institute at Cornell University.
  • 2023 IATSE Member Census Publicly Announces Outreach launch (link to press release will be pending in future update)
  • IATSE Toolkit launches to encourages members to participate in the Census and can be found on IATSE Census Tool Kit


Rollout / Launch of CensusĀ 

Census launches on Monday, July 10, 2023, members will get a reminder email from IATSE a few days prior to receiving the email with a link to take the Census.

On July 10th, 2023, look out for an email from Director of Research, Anne Marie Brady, of The Worker Institute at Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR), from this email address: This will be your personal confidential link to the Census.

The Worker Institute at Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR)  will send you reminder emails in case you didnā€™t have time to complete the Census.  Look out for an email from

Please do not forward the emails you get for the Census from
The link in the email is only for you!

šŸ“Results & Reporting

We are here

Analysis of the responses to the IATSE Census will take place in October and November 2023 by the Worker Institute at Cornell University.

The results of the Census will be provided to union leadership in a report at the General Executive Board meeting in January 2024 and subsequently shared with Locals.

It is important to note that all reporting of the findings from the Census will be anonymous and confidential and in summary format. That means there will be no reporting on individual membersā€™ responses.

Next Steps

The IATSE leadership will disseminate Localā€™s individual results and share information with strategic targets beginning in February 2024.

Data from the Census can provide IATSE members with a wide range of decision-making to determine Local needs and to develop plans for organizing, education, outreach, and bargaining. Information will be used to inform strategic objectives, such as various high-level bargaining campaigns and help better advocate for IATSE member rights and interests.