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NLLI Nominated for Outstanding Contribution to Labor Education

The National Labor Leadership Initiative (NLLI), an intensive year-long leadership development program for top-level national labor leaders, has been nominated for the United Association for Labor Education (UALE) 2015 Outstanding Contribution to Labor Education.

UALE members may vote for the nominees by filling out this survey.  If selected, the NLLI will be honored at the UALE annual conference in Washington DC on April 16.
Along with the nomination, the UALE has included this write-up about the NLLI:

Education is a lifelong process. To foster that principle, the AFL-CIO established the NLLI with Cornell University and other University partners, as an intensive, one-year leadership development training program.  Its purpose is to develop effective, adaptive, and strategic-minded leaders dedicated to transforming the organizations they lead.  Beginning with a cohort of 28 senior leadership of AFL-CIO affiliates, it has since successfully expanded its scope to meet the needs of union leaders throughout the country.  In 2015, the program reached 100 current and emerging high level union and alt. labor leaders representing 70% of the unionized workforce across 20 International Unions.  Now tripled in size, it is running regional programs with the University of Massachusetts and University of Oregon.  With the Solidarity Center the program will be run with 5 African Labor Federations.  Now is the time to create such a vehicle to prepare leaders to strengthen the ability of the labor movement to achieve economic and social justice for all working people.

The Worker Institute has a long and distinguished history of engagement with UALE. Lois Gray, Jean McKelvey-Alice Grant Professor Emeritus of Labor Management Relations, was among a group of labor educators who established the University and College Labor Education Association (UCLEA), now the UALE. Gray became the first woman to serve as president of UCLEA and went on to develop the UALE Women’s Summer School, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.  In 2013, Gray was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the UALE.


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