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Nail Salon Workers and Starbucks Organizing

A Message from Worker Institute Leadership for International Workers' Day

The first day of May is a day that commemorates international worker rights and the courage of workers around the world to stand up and demand dignity at work. 

We at the Worker Institute are inspired by the multiple examples of workers’ organizing struggles; from unionization efforts at Starbucks, Amazon, and Google to app-food workers and nail salon workers in NYC demanding dignity. Now more than ever, worker organizing is on the rise!

The Worker Institute is committed to supporting leaders with economic data analysis, training, and policy innovation. Our research helps advance collective bargaining power for workers and enhances the ability of social movement leaders to engage in policymaking that secures collective bargaining rights as an essential component of democratic participation in American society. 

Certainty of economic prosperity for our future generations only happens when workers share in the prosperity of our post-pandemic economic recovery policy implementation. That is why we are delighted to be partners with the Women’s Bureau of the US Department of Labor for an Equity in Focus webinar series that aims to center women’s and workers of color post-pandemic equity outcomes at the center of policy implementation for any current and future federal investment in job creation. 

We have many exciting programs happening in the coming month, see our recent newsletter and join us for our many trainings and programs! 

Patricia Campos Medina, Executive Director, The Worker Institute 

Risa Lieberwitz, Academic Director, The Worker Institute