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COVID-19 and Occupational Safety and Health

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Monthly until June 2021, Nellie Brown MS, is hosting a three-part COVID-19 and Occupational Safety and Health series. Nellie Brown is the Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs for the Worker Institute at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Brown is a certified industrial hygienist, biologist and chemist. She earned a master’s degree in a multidisciplinary program in natural sciences and applied science from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. 
As workers and employers alike learn how to navigate occupational health and safety during the pandemic, the introduction of vaccines into the workplace brings a new level of uncertainty. Through the three-part series, participants have the opportunity to learn from an industrial expert on what to expect in the transition.

The first part of the series will take place on March 9th and discuss Workplace Fundamentals. The session will focus on regulations and recommendations on COVID-19 in workplaces, and strategies for dealing with a pandemic during work. 

The second part will take place on March 11, and will discuss preparation before Returning to Work. Guiding points will focus on reopening an unoccupied building, screening a workforce, and identifying potentially vulnerable workers.

The last session will take place on March 17, and will discuss Staying Healthy during work, your Commute and at Home. The session will discuss personal protective equipment, engineering controls for coronavirus,  and administrative controls and work practices.  

Join us for a discussion about navigating the new phase of the pandemic and its implications for the workplace. 

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