Eugene S. Ginsberg, Esq.

Arbitrator, Mediator, Hearing Officer, Fact-finder
300 Garden City Plaza
5th floor
Garden City, NY 11530
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Professional Work History:

Self-employed, 1996-present; Partner-Jaspan, Ginsberg, Schlesinger, et al (and predecessor firms) 1970-96; Partner-Krainin & Ginsberg, 1958-62; Associate-Charles H. Fier, 1962-70, 1955-58.

Dispute Resolution Experience

Sole arbitrator, panel member and chair for American Arbitration Association commercial cases since 1964 and for labor cases since 1991. Mediates and arbitrates statutory employment disputes, including discrimination and harassment related to sex, race, disability, gender, age, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. Member of Federal (FMCS, Eastern Dist, NY), State (NY PERB, NJ PERC,NJ ROSTER, NY COMMERCIAL DIVISIONS,NASSAU & SUFFOLK, NY CSEA,NY OCFS), City (NYC OCB), County (Nassau Dist. Ct. & PERB, Westchester PERB), Town (Hempstead PERB), and other ( Nassau County Bar Association ADR and EDR) panels resolving disputes in public and private sectors. Experience on issues of: arbitrability; contract interpretation/application; dissolution; options; insurance; securities; specific performance; damages (punitive, actual and liquidated); restrictive covenant; commissions; bonuses; pension benefits; renewal rents; appraisal and evaluation; just cause; discharge; suspension, warning and other discipline; jurisdictional disputes; manning; management rights; past practice; leaves of absence; scheduling; layoff, bumping and recall; overtime; time and attendance; back pay; job evaluation, bidding and posting; transfers; tenure; vacations; holiday pay; demotions; promotions; seniority; retaliation discharge; reductions in force; statutory violations, including age, race, national origin, sexual harassment, disability and family leave. Industries include auto, construction, health care, heating, ventilating, machinery, mnufacturing, coal, newspaper, paint/varnish, communications, insurance, food, beverage, furniture, plumbing, towing, postal service, printing and publishing (including newspapers), service, public sector education, teacher discipline, fire, police, municipal government, transportation, trucking, franchise, retail, securities, textile, condominium and cooperative ownership.

Cornell University Dispute Resolution Training (Course titles and dates taken)


Other Dispute Resolution Training

AAA-Muscular Arbitration,Trimming the Fat Out Of Arbitration (2011), Ask & Answers Arbitration (2008),Ethics & Disclosure (2006),Chairing Panel (2005), Managing Cases, Awards, Delay Tactics (2005), Labor, (2003); Commercial (2001,1998), Update (2003,2001),Statutory Disputes (1998), Construction (1996), Securities (1993), Advanced arbitrator (1992), Mediation (2009,1992), Advanced Commerical Mediation (1992). ACCA -Ethics & The Law (2004)Alliance (2004). Nassau Academy of Law-GovernmentEthics, Punitive Damages (2004) Diversity, employment, ADR (2001). FMCS-Arbitration (2001). Touro Law School & Eastern Dist. Ct-Advanced Mediation & Arbitration (2001). NAA (2000)(1995) Cornell ILR & NAL-Mediation of Employment Disputes (1999). National Academy of Arbitrators, AAA & Cornell ILR-Arbitration of Employment Disputes (1998). EEOC-Mediation training (1997). American Bar Association & NAL-Statutory Employment Disputes and EEO programs (1997). NYSE-Arbitrator training (2004)(1997). NASD-Chair and Arbitrator programs (1996). NYSBA-Labor arbitrator mentor program (1996). Resolution Resources-Mediation training (1992).

Professional Associations

American Bar Association- Labor & Employment Section: ADR in Labor & Employment Committee-Historian (1994-10) Member (1997-). Co-Chair Subcommittee on Professional Responsibility in Labor Arbitration (1997-83). Co-Chair Subcommittee on Publication of Labor Arbitration Awards (1984-86); Dispute Resolution Section: Arbitration Committee (1993-), Mediation Committee (1993-). New York State Bar Association- Dispute Resolution Section: (Executive Committee (2008-10); Liaison to Labor and Employment Law Section (2008-10); Arbitration Committee (2008-); Mediation Committee (2008-) Labor & Employment Section: ADR Committee-Co-Chair (2001-2004) Member (1996-). Executive Committee (1995-2004). District Representative (1995-2001). Long Range Planning & Future Directions Committee (1992-95). Committee on Labor Arbitration (1977-). Committee on ADR (1993-2008). New York Bar Foundation Fellow (2000-). Nassau County Bar Association- Labor & Employment Law Committee (Chair 1993-95) Member (1973-). Recognized for Distinguished Professional Achievement (2002). ADR (formerly Arbitration Law) Committee (Chair 1985-87) Member (1973-). Director (1997-2000). Membership Committee (Chair Retention Sub-Committee (2003-). President's Award Recipient (2004). City Bar Association of New York- ADR Committee (2007-10). Arbitration Committee (2003-07). Labor & Employment Relations Association (formerly Industrial Relations Research Association), Long Island Chapter Treasurer (1998-) Member (1979-). Society of Federal Labor & Employee Relations Professionals (1995-), NY-NJ Chapter (1998-). College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, Fellow (2001-). College of Commercial Arbitrators, Fellow (2002-).


New York University Law School, JD-1954 City College of City of New York, BBA-1951


upon request

Fee Policy

Commercial & Employment: $1800 per day; $295 per hour. Daily rate applies to hearings. Hourly rate applies to non-hearing time (conferences, study and writing). Per diem charge applies if scheduled hearing cancelled within five business days. Labor: $1000 per day. Per diem charge applies if scheduled hearing cancelled within one week. Mediation: $295 per hour (3 hour minimum). Four hour charge applies if scheduled session cancelled within one week. Travel charge: None if to NYC or up to 90 minutes by car elsewhere.