Cari-Anne Liberman

Self Employed
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Professional Work History:

Experience and Training Working in the field of Mediation Since completing the certification program in Conflict Resolution at Columbia University I have been working as an Employment Mediation consultant for both the United States Post Office as well as other public and private agencies mediating workplace disputes. I have worked at Westchester Mediation Center as an assistant supervisor for the school mediation program in Yonkers, NY. I currently volunteer as a mediator at the Westchester Mediation Center. I mediate cases such as Custody Visitation mediation, Parent/Teen Mediation and Community Mediation cases. What kind of Mediation do I do? Divorce and family Mediation including LGBT families Employment and Work Place Mediation Child Custody/ Visitation Parent/ Teen Community (landlord/tenant, Neighbor disputes) Small claims matters

Dispute Resolution Experience

New York State certified mediator. I completed my apprenticeship and evaluation training with the Institute of Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Bronx, NY. Trained and certified in Divorce Mediation and completed a 60 hour/ 20 week supervised apprenticeship with Ken Neumann at the Center for Divorce and Family Mediation. Trained and certified in Transformative Mediation. Trained and certified in Custody Visitation Mediation, Parent Teen Mediation, and trained in Special Education Mediation. I am trained in LGBT divorce mediation through the Westchester Mediation Center. Most recently Completed Employment Law Mediator Training with Cornell University, ILR School.

Cornell University Dispute Resolution Training (Course titles and dates taken)

Employment Law Mediator Training. Cornell University, ILR School. November 2011.


Advanced Degree and Certification Program in the field of Conflict Resolution, Teacher College, Columbia University. New York, NY M.ED Lesley University Cambridge, MA. B.A. Sociology Skidmore College


Vicki Coward-Rosen. CEO of Beacon group L.L.C. Darrel Ahmed. USPS EEO Coordinator Jenny Besch. Director of Westchester Mediation Center.

Fee Policy

rate depends on individual case