Arbitrator & Mediator Dorothy A. Fallon

Arbitrator & Mediator
Dorothy A. Fallon Arbitrator & Mediator
8406 Koosaw Lane S
Salem, OR 97306
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Professional Work History:

Professional Arbitrator & Mediator since 2004 Supermarkets General Corp., Woodbridge, NJ (1970 ? 1984) Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations (1981 -1984) Bedford Central School District Board of Education, Bedford, NY (1997 -2003)

Dispute Resolution Experience

INDUSTRIES: Beverage, Communications, Construction, Education including colleges, primary and secondary, Health Care/Hospital/ Nursing Home, Hotels, Administrative and Professional Employees, Marine Services and Oil Industry, Printing and Publishing, Retail, Newspapers, Manufacturing, Public Sector: Federal, State, City and Municipal Workers in Fire, Police, Administration, Highway Dept. ISSUES: Arbitrability, Absenteeism, Conduct, Discipline (Non-Discharge and Termination), Discrimination, Fringe Benefits (Holidays, Insurance, Vacation, Health/Hospitalization,) Job Performance, Layoffs/Bumping/Recalls, Management Rights, Safety/Health Conditions, Wages and Special Stipends (Cost-of-Living Pay, Holiday Pay, Job Classification and Rates, Merit Pay, Vacation Pay,) Violence, Insubordination, Theft, Sleeping on the Job, Policy Violations, Contract Interpretation dealing with layoff language, pension modifications, RIF?s and wage calculations among other items, Other Terms and Conditions, Title VII Violations PERMANENT PANEL MEMBER: USPS and National Association of Letter Carriers, State of Alaska and Public Safety Employees Association, and Masters, Mates & Pilots ARBITRATION / MEDIATION ROSTERS: American Arbitration Association Labor Panel Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services Oregon Employment Relations Board Montana State Board of Personnel Appeals WA State Public Employment New York State PERB Mediation Panel New Jersey State Board of Mediation US Nuclear Regulatory Commission USPS NALC Arbitrator Panel State of Alaska and PSEA State of Alaska and Masters, Mates & Pilots

Cornell University Dispute Resolution Training (Course titles and dates taken)

Cornell University, NYSSILR ? Certificate Program in Workplace Conflict Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Other Dispute Resolution Training

Cornell University, NYSSILR ? Certificate Program in Workplace Conflict Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution NYS Bar Association Committee on Labor Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Arbitrator Mentoring Program Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services Institute ? Labor Arbitration Center for Mediation and Law ? Intensive Mediation Training American Arbitration Association ? Mediation Advocacy The Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Professional Associations

Association for Conflict Resolution Labor and Employment Relations Association American Bar Association, Associate Member Oregon Mediation Association


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY ? Masters in Professional Studies in Industrial and Labor Relations (January 2007) St. Joseph?s University, Philadelphia, PA ? BS Food Marketing (1976)


Furnished upon Request Arbitration Awards issued in the Public Sector may be available on agency web sites

Fee Policy

Grievance and Interest Arbitration: Contact the Arbitrator/Mediator for current rates for Hearing and Study Day which includes research and preparation of the opinion and award. Study time will be prorated. Mediation and Fact Finding: Contact the Arbitrator/Mediator for current rates. Minimum four hour session, applies to study and conference time. Cancellations: Full per diem fee charged with less than 3 weeks notice prior to hearing date(s) for cancellations or postponements that cannot be rescheduled. Travel Time: Travel necessary on days other than scheduled hearing dates will be billed on a prorated per diem basis. Travel Expenses: Actual expenses for travel, food, car rental, and lodging. (Will book fully refundable economy class fare for air or train, barring special circumstances.) Mileage/tolls for local travel at applicable IRS expense rate. Other Expenses: Will charge actual expenses for copying, postage/handling, etc.