The Affordable Care Act: What Unions Need to Know

Workshops, September 11th and 12th
Cornell University: Worker Institute: News: Affordable Care Act
Monday, February 11, 2013
The Worker Institute at Cornell will host two workshops on the Affordable Care Act on September 11and 12 in Albany and Rochester, New York.

These workshops "The Affordable Care Act: What Unions Need to Know" will provide union representatives with information on how the new health care law will affect their members. Participants will also learn how provisions of the Act may play out at the bargaining table.

"The Affordable Care Act will have considerable impact on how unions negotiate for healthcare for their members," says Linda Donahue, Senior Extension Associate at the Worker Institute at Cornell. "With the ACA the whole nature of the discussion between employers and unions will change because it introduces a lot of new elements into bargaining over benefits."

Participants will learn how the Act will affect large and small group plans as well as multi-employer plans. Participants will also discuss financial considerations, tax credits and strategies for bargaining.

Over the next several months, the Worker Institute will host a number of conferences, workshops and webinars related to the Affordable Care Act.

View workshop description and a Worker Institute video on the ACA.

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