Advanced Arbitration Advocacy

Arbitration Advocacy is equal parts science and art with one goal: persuasive story telling. Persuasive story telling convinces the listener, in this case an arbitrator, to see the advocates point of view while at the same time addressing an alternate point of view; that of your opponent. At arbitration, this story telling is governed by a set of rules that dictate how the story can be told. Participants learn and practice these technical aspects of the advocacy process and also develop their inner talent to tell a story clearly and effectively before a labor arbitrator.

The program is co-designed and co-taught by former labor advocates and advocate supervisors with extensive experience as first chairs and in training novice and experienced advocates. The program can be specifically customized to include contract provisions and fact patterns from participating organizations, and is equally accessible to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Participants travel from case analysis through closing argument with a heavy emphasis on practicing acquired skills and receiving of feedback along the way.

To inquire further about a customized program contact:


Dan McCray
Program Director