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GLI Sourcing Journal Series

The Global Labor Institute is publishing a limited series in the Sourcing Journal on latest research findings related to private regulation. These pieces are designed to de-code important new academic research for actors in the global supply chain.

Our first column describes de-coupling in the practices of private regulation and their expected outcomes.

Our second column shows how sourcing and labor practices often don't work together. 

Our third column explains Sarosh Kuruvilla's analysis of over 40,000 factory audits which found no overall improvement in the number of labor violations between 2011 and 2018.

Our fourth column explains how opacity - the inability of stakeholders to see what works, and where, and under what conditions - underlies the lack of progress in labor conditions in global supply chains.

Our fifth column examines 'behavioral invisibility' - the inability of global buyers to accurately measure the behavior of their suppliers.

Our sixth column  explores if Garment Workers Really Have Freedom of Association.

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