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Asia apparel hubs face $65 billion export hit from extreme weather, study shows
Extreme heat and flooding could erase $65 billion in apparel export earnings from four Asian countries by 2030, as workers struggle under high temperatures and factories close, research from Schroders (SDR.L) and Cornell University showed on Wednesday.


The $65 billion cost of extreme weather on clothing supply chains
A new report rings alarm bells about the likely impact of climate warming on clothing manufacturing in South and Southeast Asia. It offers a roadmap forward, but there’s little to reassure garment workers. That could backfire from a human rights perspective and also for brand productivity.

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Extreme weather may cost the global fashion industry $65 billion by 2030
Extreme heat and flooding are set to deal a massive blow to the global fashion industry, with four of the world’s top garment producing countries at risk of missing out on $65 billion in earnings by 2030, according to a study from Cornell University and investment manager Schroders.


Podcast: Fashioning a better response to natural disasters
Podcast host David Styles is this week joined by two guests to discuss reports which respectively shine a light on the past, present and potential future of the industry’s collective responses to crises caused by catastrophes such as earthquakes or extreme weather events.

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