Who We Are

The Criminal Records Panel Study (CRPS) is managed by a multidisciplinary team at the Cornell University ILR School. The study team includes:

Linda Barrington

Dr. Linda Barrington (Associate Dean for Outreach and Sponsored Research and Executive Director of the Institute for Compensation Studies at the ILR School of Cornell University) has completed research on compensation trends, workplace practices, economic history, gender economics and labor market outcomes of employees with disabilities. Her research has utilized national survey public use files, restricted-access micro data files and proprietary employer surveys and employee records.

Esta R. Bigler (Study Director)

Esta R BiglerEsta R. Bigler, Esq. (Study Director and Director of Cornell University ILR’s Labor and Employment Law Program), convenes conferences and forums studying the relationship between social science research and law to address labor and employment law and workplace issues with the goal of influencing litigation and public policy decisions.  A major focus of her work includes the use of criminal records as a screening device for employment, the impact of employment on reducing recidivism, employer attitudes toward hiring people with criminal records, and the collateral consequences of incarceration.

Erin York Cornwell

Erin York Cornwell (Assistant Professor of Sociology and Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell University) utilizes survey data to examine how social context, social connectedness, and social capital affect inequalities across individuals in legal outcomes as well as health and well-being. She has contributed to the design, implementation, and analysis of large-scale population-based surveys, post-verdict juror surveys, surveys of community-based interventions, and real-time ecological momentary assessments administered via smartphones.

Hassan Enayati

Hassan EnayatiHassan Enayati (Research Associate in the Institute for Compensation Studies and the Yang Tan Institute on Employment and Disability in the ILR School at Cornell University) has conducted research on the incentivizing role of compensation, the impact of youth-to-adulthood transition services on employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, and the effect of federal policies on special education participation. His work relies upon the empirical strategies developed in labor economics and utilizes both national survey data and administrative data.

Lars Vilhuber

Lars VilhuberLars Vilhuber (Executive Director of the Labor Dynamics Institute and Senior Research Associate in the ILR School at Cornell University) conducts research on using and making available highly detailed longitudinally linked data to analyze the effects and causes of mass layoffs, worker mobility, and the dynamics of (local) labor markets. In order to make such detailed and personal data available to other researchers, Dr. Vilhuber also conducts research on advanced methods of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the respondents.