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Support Speech and Debate

Our current Crowdfunding Campaign runs through December 7th. Reaching our goal of raising $20,000 will help Cornell Speech and Debate teams return to in person tournaments.

Alumni and friends of the Cornell Speech and Debate Society are welcome to stay involved throughout the season. We have various public debates in Ithaca and New York City which will be announced on our home page as well as on our schedule. Check back for updates.

If you’re interested in seeing the squads in action, check out our tournament schedule. Most universities allow the general public to watch debate and speech rounds during competitions, and virtual tournaments have made spectating even more accessible. If you are interested in spectating, please check in with our coaching staff and we will provide some details on how to attend a virtual or in person competition as a spectator.

As one of the largest speech and debate organizations in the United States, the Cornell Speech and Debate Society works to share the unique skills and opportunities that competitive speaking provides with the entire Cornell campus community. We do not charge member dues from our students, and hope to follow the Cornell ethos by including students from every background to reap the benefits the CSDS can provide. Please help us achieve this goal by donating to our general fund.

We also provide special opportunities to support our organization throughout the year through our Crowdfunding Campaign.