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Scott Siegel

Scott Siegel

Worker Institute's Labor Leading on Climate Initiative

I had an amazing summer experience working with the Labor Leading on Climate team in helping identify new opportunities for a Green Transition. Researching federal and state offshore wind policies, I identified prospective and existing infrastructure projects to help build America’s offshore wind supply chain. With state commitments to procure over 29,000 MW of offshore wind in the coming years, this innovative green energy source has the potential to power cities at lower costs, while creating many jobs over the next decade. 

My focus was to look at and analyze sites in development, find suppliers, calculate job creation figures, and understand the role that organized labor could play in this emerging industry. Learning from unions and labor organizations on the cutting edge of this field have identified project-labor synergies, such as PLAs, that can help expedite construction, invest in local communities, and create a more just society. 

Working with the Labor Leading on Climate team has been fantastic and rewarding. Interacting with researchers and practitioners through the Worker Institute, I’ve gained a better understanding of turning academic research into action. With the nature of this work, I’ve been able to apply my ILR studies in the workplace, relying on the lessons learned pertaining to unions and sustainability to support my work. This position has helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for advocacy, research, and data. I plan to further develop these skills throughout my tenure as a Cornellian.