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Alex Foley

Alex Foley

Worker Institute's Labor Leading on Climate Initiative

This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the Labor Leading on Climate Team as a Social Justice & the Workplace Summer Program Intern. My project was leading research on the future of green hydrogen production in the United States through analyzing policy and existing research. Where green hydrogen is any hydrogen that was produced in a method that has zero greenhouse gas emissions. I was specifically looking into the current US and global state of hydrogen as well as the potential impacts of green hydrogen on the labor market. My research found that transitioning to green production methods of hydrogen will not only help decarbonize various industries that rely on hydrogen but also help preserve existing jobs and create new jobs in the future. 

My work over the summer allowed me to gain invaluable research skills while also applying my ILR education to real-world problems in an effort to help find real-world solutions. My academic background in labor and employment gave me a unique lens as I researched international, US, and state policy and I am proud that my work will be used to support a transitioning green economy with a focus on sustaining and creating jobs. This research helped me to understand how I can use my ILR education as well as my interests in law and policy to support public interest work.