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Cornell extension faculty member awarded 2022 Public Voices on the Climate Crisis Fellowship

Anita Raman, Research and Policy Development Associate for the Cornell University Labor Leading on Climate Program, is one of twenty national leaders selected to be a 2022 Public Voices Fellow on the Climate Crisis. This program is administered by the Yale Program on Climate Communication and the OpEd Project national Public Voices initiative. 

This one-year fellowship aims to ‘change who writes history,' by amplifying the voices of climate thinkers who bring diverse ideas, expertise, experience, and identity. The program challenges fellows to tackle big philosophical questions about what we know, why it matters, how we cross-pollinate and scale good ideas, and what impact this can leave on future generations. Throughout the year, fellows will produce tangible thought leadership such as op-eds, talks, speeches, radio/TV appearances, and more.

At Cornell, Raman is part of a core team that studies the labor implications of climate change, advancing knowledge and policies that help unions engage in public climate debates and advocate for a just worker transition. Raman’s research and data dashboards have helped advance Climate Jobs National Resource Center’s Carbon-Free Health Schools campaign in four states and is supporting high-road climate labor policy development in six states. Most recently she led policy research on a Climate Jobs Roadmap for NYC report, a climate agenda for unions that combined represent 2.6 million New Yorkers. 

Raman was selected for demonstrating ‘high-powered thought leadership,’ advocating ‘for vulnerable, or historically underrepresented, communities’, ‘innovating new ways to justly mitigate climate change,’ and ‘seeking solutions.’ Learn more about the program and read Raman’s full bio here: 

To learn more about the third cohort of the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis, click here: