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CJI Becomes a Founding Member of the Center for Applied Research on Work

The Climate Jobs Institute attends the Center for Applied Research on Work launch in Ithaca, NY, on September 21.

The Climate Jobs Institute (CJI) at Cornell University’s ILR School is guiding the nation’s transition to a strong, equitable, and resilient clean energy economy by pursuing three aims: to tackle the climate crisis, to create high-quality jobs, and to build a diverse, inclusive workforce.
Through cutting-edge policy studies, deep relationships with on-the-ground partners, and innovative training and education programs, the CJI provides information that policymakers, the labor and environmental movements, industry leaders, and others need to navigate this historic transition to a zero-carbon economy.

CAROW members are affiliated research institutes that focus their research on effecting positive change for workers, employers, and society. CAROW members bring together world-class faculty, researchers, and staff from multiple disciplines to further research in their areas of expertise. CAROW Member institutes apply their research to solving problems in the real world of work.

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