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The Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative (CJEI) of the Labor and Employment Law Program provides criminal records and employment law training to job seekers who have been involved in the criminal legal system, assists employers in rethinking their approach to hiring, engages in research to study reentry practices, and influences policy makers and legislators on criminal justice reform.

Watch Video: What is a RAP Sheet?

About Your Record

RAP sheet stands for “Record of Arrests and Prosecutions.” If you have been arrested for a crime, there is a record of it.

What's on your RAP sheet?

Your RAP sheet includes every arrest and any convictions you received. The FBI RAP sheet will include arrests and convictions from every state. A state RAP sheet will only include arrests and convictions from that state. The RAP sheet may also include:

  • Court case information
  • Incarceration information
  • Parole information
  • Probation information
  • Certificates
  • Warrant information