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Photo: Zakiya Williams Wells

Zakiya Williams Wells

Buffalo, NY
WNY Council on Occupational Safety and Health
  • Supported a campaign to reach, assist and empower workers in the temporary and low-wage workforce. Participated in rallies and actions to raise awareness of workers’ rights issues. Performed organizing duties and created targeted materials.
  • Created a video on wage theft to educate the general public about the issue and to be used as a training tool for advocates, employers and employees. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed High Road. It was exhausting at times but the work I feel really and truly impacted the people around me. Although this impact is fairly micro in scale, in sum the effects will always be macro. The more people we educate, the more information we disseminate into these communities, the more we will see communities empowered to change their situations, the more we can combat the structures in place and seek out healthy and fulfilling lives in whatever form that may manifest.”

“Zakiya was the first student we’ve had who developed multimedia as an advocacy tool. She was a sponge and really took advantage of every learning opportunity over the summer. Her passion for this work is unmistakable.”

Liz Smith,

Project Organizer for the WNYCOSH Worker Center