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Yanenowi Logan

Yanenowi Logan

CALS, '24
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Western New York Environmental Alliance

What Did You Work On:  I worked in a lot of media, outreach, and record keeping throughout the summer but I was excited to work on my final project of engagement with Indigenous narratives. It was an important perspective that I worked to include in all of my work this summer.

Summer Takeaway:  I learned that bringing resources and tools back into your community is the most important part about taking on new opportunities.

Why I Took The High Road: I wanted to learn how different organizations utilize tools of research and media to advocate for marginalized communities and bring that back to my community. I took the High Road because I wanted to make sure Indigenous perspectives were being heard too.

Career Goals:  After this fellowship, I'm bringing some of the High Road with me! I'm excited to share resources at conferences like NCAI and COP27 this fall. As far as career goals, I'm prepared to do some community building and maybe head to law school somewhere down the line.

Shout Out:  Cathy Creighton for her jokes