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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Winnie Ho

Photo: Winnie Ho
Arts and Sciences ‘19
Syosset, NY
Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology

The primary vision of Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology (BCAT) is to provide community-enhancing tools to reduce the effect of poverty on families. The mission of BCAT, as part of Buffalo’s economic revitalization is twofold:

  • To keep youth in school through high school completion so they are able to take advantage of the post-secondary opportunities the “Say Yes” scholarship program makes available to them by offering high-quality and high-tech arts instruction and studio space.
  • To assist unemployed or underemployed adults in securing jobs with wages sufficient to support a family through NYS Education Department-approved training programs that will lead to jobs in the healthcare industry.

Work Highlights

  • Contributed to several BCAT projects - worked as part of the Youth Staff Team and as an additional Academic Support for the Adult Health Sciences Classes.
  • Served as a tutor for adult students in the Pharmacy Technician Class.
  • Created a scholarship manual targeted towards the unique needs of BCAT students who do not have an abundance of resources (guidance counselors, SAT classes, etc). The scholarship manual includes instructions, tips, and advice, as well as scholarships that present the lowest barriers of entry.

In their own words

“I learned how complex and connected non-profit and social sector work can be, as well as how powerful the networks of organizations together can help boost economic development in Buffalo. I learned that all problems that Buffalo currently faces are multi-faceted and that just because the idea sounds good, doesn’t mean it’s being done right (ie. Solar City). I had never had much exposure to policy or policymakers so this was an excellent introduction! The Fellows were amazing and contributed much to my experience. I learned a lot from their ideas and perspectives and am truly grateful that High Road has drawn such a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.”


"BCAT so enjoyed hosting our Cornell High Road Fellow Winnie. Her enthusiasm for our mission, as well as her ability to jump right in to being an integral part of our summer youth programming was one of the very special reasons that BCAT had its best summer yet. Winnie not only participated fully in the Youth Program Team, she used the medical knowledge she is learning at Cornell to aid our instructors and students in the Adult Workforce Development Medical Coding and Pharmacy Technician programs."

Stacey Watson, Chief Operations Officer
Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology