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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

William Larkin

Photo: William Larkin
Buffalo, NY
GObike Buffalo
  • Facilitated the Recycle-a-Bicycle program where at-risk youth learn about bicycle repair and maintenance, as well as safety, health and the environment, while building their own bicycles from refurbished parts.
  • Served as a mentor to youth program participants, teaching young students basic mechanics and the environmental impacts of transportation.
  • Worked in the Community Bicycle Workshop Community where community members can find affordable options to purchase a bicycle or go and learn to repair and maintain their bicycles.

"The High Road program was attractive to me because it provides a great model to improve the overall quality of the City of Buffalo, which has suffered greatly from past practices and policies. My organization, GObike Buffalo, has been involved in creating a sustainable transportation policy called “Complete Streets,” which acknowledges not just cars but also cyclists and pedestrians during infrastructure remodeling, so that those who cannot afford to drive a car have other options of transportation. I’m putting theory into practice by teaching the advantages of cycling through Recycle-a-Bike programs at schools throughout Buffalo. By encouraging bike use at a young age one may never need to buy a car and can make better investments in the long run.

The High Road method to me is the most positive and ethical actions one can make in order to maximize the potential of others and create a more efficient society. Because bicycling is a healthy activity, creating a more bicycle friendly environment will improve the overall health of the City of Buffalo greatly. By showing me the realities of urban life, the High Road is also exposing me to new ideas and concepts, helping me to develop the skills for a future career that will hopefully facilitate economic improvement and social equality."