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Victor Rosas

BSILR, '22
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Partnership for the Public Good

Work Highlight: 

I worked on budget advocacy for the City of Buffalo.


Summer Takeaway:

I learned about the importance of community organizations in pushing for legislation. I always knew they played an important role but never considered how nearly all pieces of legislation starts first with them before becoming law. I'd like to continue to learn about how the community creates laws, and I hope to do that kind of work after I graduate college.The High Road made community-led change three- dimensional for me. I realize now that I only truly understood the High Road as it pertained to theory—what scholars or journalists had to say about change from the community. But the High Road program offered me a practical, engaged learning experience where I can ask questions to the people making change in Buffalo, as well as work


Career Path: 

Not too sure. The plan right now is to do some kind of civil rights law and then run for office.


Favorite Memory: 

Easily the poetry session with Aitina. Also enjoyed talking to Uwaila during my game night. (She’s the only one who came, and it was nice to get to know her.)