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Uwaila Odiase

A&S, '24
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Peaceprints of WNY

Work Highlight: 

Interviewing landlords in the Buffalo region and securing housing for formerly incarcerated individuals.


Summer Takeaway: 

Through High Road, I learned a lot about the different ways in which I can actively advocate right now. Prior to the fellowship, I felt constricted in many ways due to my age; I saw social media as my only platform to spread information. However, I now realize that my interactions with people are far more important than I give credit for. Something like coalition building is not something that I have to wait 5 years before starting; I can start it now.


Career Path: 

Practicing law. 


Favorite Memory: 

I remember the woman who spoke to us about how she started a gardening program during the first few months COVID-19 to combat food insecurity in Buffalo (Ms. Gail Wells). I was just so amazed that she was able to start something so impactful without numerous external resources. That is just one of the many highlights from my experience that has prompted me to really start to think about solving issues in my community differently instead of looking at it as just some impossible issue for the next politician to 'solve'.