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Buffalo Co-Lab

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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Subin Chung

Photo: Subin Chung
Buffalo, NY
Partnership for the Public Good
  • Staffed a collaborative advocacy group working to craft and implement Limited English Proficiency plans for the City and County to improve language access to government services for Buffalo’s growing immigrant and refugee population.
  • Created cultural fact sheets for five of the most prevalent refugee groups that have resettled in the region.
  • Created marketing and program materials for PPG’s annual fundraiser, Shakespearean Idol, including selecting passages for contestants to perform and writing up blurbs to provide the audience context for each performance. 

“It isn’t the affirmation of my dreams that makes me call my colleagues a community. It is the fact that they turned those words of encouragement into tangible steps. We visited museums and art galleries, stopped by small non-profits that worked with artists, took time to reflect on our dreams and what we could do to turn them into reality.”

“Subin was a High Road leader this summer. She took every opportunity to explore her adopted home for the summer and is a great ambassador for the program. Her work on language access advocacy is achieving real progress. Subins’s contributions to the fellowship and to PPG are lasting.”

Megan Connelly,

Partnership for the Public Good Director of Policy Advancement