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Salima Ali

Salima Ali

BSILR, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
The Foundry

Work Highlight:

I engaged in workforce development in social enterprises by and for marginalized communities, developed funding opportunities, and did market research.


Summer Takeaway: 

From this program, I learned that one of the greatest keys to creating change is knowing the community that you're creating change for. If it were not for all the high road programming and the pre course, all of the fellows would be placed in a community with no understanding of what they are like and attempt to create change. The High Road programming helped prevent us from developing savior complexes when trying to create impact. I will forever remember to take account of the communities my actions are impacting before attempting to create change.


Career Path: 



Favorite Memory: 


Some of my favorite memories have been in breakout rooms where I was able to learn more about the other fellows and their personal lives. It was a great opportunity to learn more about them beyond their zoom screen.

Specifically, with The Foundry, on my first day, my amazing supervisor Deb took me on a virtual tour (through google meets) of their office and it was really engaging and I enjoyed seeing The Foundry's impressive office space.