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Sabiha Obaid

BSILR, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Center for Elder Law and Justice

Work Highlight: 

Working with the kinship program. 


Summer Takeaway: 

Through High Road, I learned so much more about Buffalo and the different socioeconomic issues here. I would love to learn more about different actionable steps we can take to help our communities. High Road has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and interact with the people around me. Everyone has their own individual stories and we can learn from each other. It also made me fall in love with Buffalo. Ever since I moved here, I always felt a bit disconnected but with this fellowship, I made new friends and learned so much about the city.


Career Path: 

As of now, I am still uncertain of what exact field I want to join. However, I know I want to have a community centered career where I am actively working with people.


Favorite Memory: 

My highlight of the summer was whenever I hung out with the other fellows. The dinner at Cathy's place and brunch was really fun! I loved seeing everyone and the food was great.