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Buffalo Co-Lab

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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Renee Wall

Buffalo, NY
Everywoman Opportunity Center
  • Assisted agency to research and craft a strategy to adjust and implement needed modifications as the national GED program changes in 2014.
  • Conducted small business development workshops including skills for utilizing social media and new marketing techniques as tools for finding employment.
  • Performed outreach to participants who have left the program to learn about the barriers they faced.  Reviewed and assisted Everywoman participants with: cover letters, resumes, computer skills, interviewing techniques, job searches, job applications, professional image. 

"As a Buffalo native, I grew up with a front-row seat to the struggles this city has faced. The High Road program has provided me with the opportunity to help out a community whose spirit has persevered though such difficult times.

The High Road method requires an honest, holistic approach to the issues facing communities. It demands that we treat not just the symptoms of a problem, but its root causes as well. At Everywoman Opportunity Center, I’m taking a very hands-on approach to helping the people of this city who need it most. I’m providing education, workshops, and other services to help underserved women attain the skills that they need to become financially independent.

This program has shown me the things about Buffalo that I never stopped to see before—the poverty, urban blight, food deserts, and other economic issues, but it also showed us the cultural, artistic, and creative side of Buffalo, so I think the program does a good job of giving students the whole picture. "