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Paul Havern

BSILR, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Center for Employment Opportunities

Work Highlight: 

Updating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for employers in the Buffalo area (I also attended various meetings in the organization to enrich my experience). 


Summer Takeaway: 

I learned so much about community development and "taking the High Road," as we like to say. Community input must come first whenever considering economic development. I would like to continue learning about ways to use local politics to enact lasting change. I feel that too often people feel the need for national and state-wide movements when local answers could be the solution. I want to explore this more. The High Road has inspired me to appreciate what I have. I have taken for granted the knowledge of my community members on so many topics, but the High Road has shown me how much value exists in any person's neighborhood. I cannot wait to take this message with me in my professional and academic career.


Career Path: 

Public Defender.


Favorite Memory: 

The ”High Road means the pathway of economic development that prioritizes the needs and viewpoints of community members.