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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Pamela Amaechi

Pamela Amaechi speaking with press
BS ILR, 2014
Buffalo, NY
Partnership for the Public Good, High Road

Work Highlights

This placement has an environmental focus: the fellow will examine the link between economic development programs and environmental sustainability in Western New York (for example, does the state subsidize a polluter with one hand while punishing it with the other?). This fellow will also further PPG’s work to raise the City of Buffalo’s recycling rate by working with stakeholders to determine barriers to recycling and possible solutions.

Student Insights

My work experience did provide me with a better understanding of public policy, politics, and civic participation. I got to see how public policy being advanced through a grassroots, community-based approach. The numerous interactions we had with local politicians really opened my eyes to the workings of politics in Buffalo, and how tight-knit things are between local nonprofits here.


The brief I constructed lends research on the companies that are polluting heavily in buffalo and helps open up the community’s eyes to the specific severity of the pollutants. The community, having this knowledge, can take appropriate actions against the offending companies.