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Photo: Michael Gahlon

Michael Gahlon

Buffalo, NY
Buffalo CarShare
  • Developed a communications strategy and procedural recommendations for expansion of the car sharing industry to better serve elderly and disabled communities.
  • Crafted suggestions to implement and improve CarShare’s marketing and outreach techniques to further expand membership among different populations, including the elderly and disabled communities.
  • Initiated partnerships with service providers and peer organizations to collaborate on potential grant funding for CarShare’s expansion of services to better serve the elderly and disabled populations.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever go into the non-profit sector but this summer confirmed that the type of career I have I want to be varied. I don’t want to just be sitting at a desk all day but I want to be out doing things and out talking to people. Making people collaborate and advancing the organizations goals. The program was great. It was a packed summer, but an awesome one, and I learned a lot.”

“Every year we are impressed by the quality of the ILR students we receive. Mike is certainly no exception and has been a tremendous help in all aspects of our operation.”

Mike Galligano,

Executive Director of Buffalo CarShare