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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Meaghan Gee

Photo: Meaghan Gee
Manalapan, NJ
Say Yes Buffalo

Say Yes Buffalo is a landmark partnership that aims to provide a powerful engine for long-term economic development through radically improving the life course of public school students in the City of Buffalo. To do this, Say Yes Buffalo partnership combines a comprehensive K-12 support system with the incentive of locally funded postsecondary tuition scholarships to remove the barriers (financial, academic, social and health) to college access and success for youth in the City of Buffalo.

Work Highlights

  • Helped plan and participated in a number of youth-focused events during the summer including: Juneteenth, Say Yes Scholar Kick Off (a 2-day conference for Say Yes scholars who are rising college freshmen with workshops and presentations) and the Say Yes Major Donor/Student Ambassador Reception.
  • Supported the organization’s development work this summer.
  • Researched and made recommendations about traditional sources of revenue (grants/donors/foundations) while also assisting in the execution of non-traditional fundraising efforts, i.e. utilizing social media, and smaller fundraising activities such as partnering with a local ice cream shop for a profit sharing event.

In their words

“I learned a lot about the state of Buffalo’s public school system as well as how it affects the economy. I very much enjoyed the community engaged service learning aspect because I could see the direct results and implications of my organization’s work. My interactions with other fellows helped make the experience livelier. We went on trips together and explored the city in groups.”   


“Meaghan was an excellent asset to my department and the entire Say Yes team. She performed at a high level, took initiative, asked questions if she needed direction, was always eager to pitch in regardless of the project – with a smile.   Meaghan assisted with the Say Yes Scholar Kick Off (100 students), the summer camp (2,000 students) and independently organized a fundraiser in support of the Scholarship, as well as submitted a grant application.”

Emily Wyckoff
Say Yes Buffalo