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Margot Treadwell

BSILR, '24
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
FeedMore Western New York

Work Highlight: 

Mapping SNAP sites with produce to help The Farm Market. 


Summer Takeaway: 

I learned the importance of considering a whole community. I never really understood the power of coalition building until I can to the High Road. I want to continue to learn how to connect with community members, ask them what they need, and convince them to join the fight. I gained a lot more perspective on the foundations of community, and how we continue to pull everyone forward together. I became a lot optimistic about the power of targeted changes and small, passionate groups.


Career Path: 

Foreign Service Officer.


Favorite Memory: 

The highlight of my summer was working with the Farm Market on Tuesdays, come rain or shine. One day we almost got struck by lightning.