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Buffalo Co-Lab

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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Lorena Flores

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CALS '21
Bronx, NY
Buffalo State Community Academic Center
  • Managed all of the CAC’s social media and bolstered the center’s presence within the community. Actively supervised the page’s Facebook ads.
  • Created an enhanced tracking system by converting the paper database that kept a record of who utilized CAC programming into an electronic version.
  • Catalogued data from the Niagara district to create a demographic report that a fellow high roader compiled into a report.
  • Gathered materials for the Taste of Diversity festival and helped in publicizing the event.

“Working at the Buffalo State Community Academic Center (CAC)  has revealed how worldly and interesting Buffalo actually is. Being located on Grant street, the community is incredibly diverse with people from all over the world. Burmese, Somali, Kareni, these communities makeup the overwhelming majority of the west side. The West Side Bazaar being one of the living examples of just how diverse the community is and how much culture contributes to the whole of the West Side.” – From Lorena’s Reflection Journal

“Lorena is making the best out of her summer working with us at CAC, as well as with her project.” 

--Win Min Thant, Educational Coordinator, Community Academic Center