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Photo: Lelenia Moutray

Lelenia Moutray

Buffalo, NY
WNY Council on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Coordinated community education programs on issues of wage theft. Researched examples of wage theft in temporary employment agencies and crafted a communications and outreach strategy to address this problem. Drafted a comprehensive letter to employers that explained the law and an informational flyer for employees explaining their rights.  
  • Taught workers’ rights training covering wages and hours, health and safety, and discrimination. Tailored presentations to different audiences such as immigrants and refugees.  
  • Traveled to Albany to rally in support of a higher statewide minimum wage and met with elected officials on this issue.

“This summer gave me a completely new perception of Buffalo. We learned right away that it faces challenges such as racial segregation, poverty, and a large immigrant population. However, I also learned that it is a developing city, with up-andcoming cultural, artistic, and business centers. This summer definitely helped frame my career choices. I found out that I love teaching adults and raising awareness surrounding important laws, which I would never have explored if not for this experience. Now I think that I may pursue it professionally.”

“Lelenia was a total delight to have at WNYCOSH with the Worker Center. She is incredibly efficient and totally engaged in her work. She has challenged herself and those around her by presenting her own ideas and questions to hone each project or event to the highest level of professionalism.”

Liz Smith,

Project Organizer for the WNYCOSH Worker Center