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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Kathleen Huffman

Photo: Kathleen Huffman
Buffalo, NY
Community Action Organization: Green Entrepreneurial Center
  • Researched and wrote the Green Agricultural Practices plan for Center which will help improve the farm practices and produce safer food. 
  • Learned about planting, growing, and harvesting crops in greenhouses and outdoor raised beds.  
  • Oversaw volunteers and the City Youth Program participants on the farm, teaching them about urban agriculture, planting and harvesting, and healthy eating.

"I chose the High Road to learn about the various ways people and organizations are working together to bring Buffalo back to life. The High Road method, to me, is working together to create positive change. As High Road Fellows, we get the opportunity to work together with other students, to learn about what they are doing in Buffalo, and to witness how these great organizations collaborate with each other to improve Buffalo.

I am interested in careers in either law or the nonprofit sector, so the High Road was the perfect opportunity for me to explore exactly what it takes to run a nonprofit and the many aspects of work in such organizations. I’m passionate about sustainability and earth-friendly development. Working at Community Action Organization’s (CAO) urban farm allows me to combine these interests. I’m learning about every aspect of urban farming, from planting seeds, through harvesting crops, and finally selling produce. I am also learning how CAO works with other organizations, teaching them the benefits of urban farming. My work with CAO is also providing me with a window into the Buffalo community, through the volunteers that visit, my colleagues at the farm, and CAO’s partner organizations."