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Katherine Esterl

A&S, '24
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Preservation Buffalo Niagara

Work Highlight: 

Published the "East Side History Initiative". 


Summer Takeaway: 

Community engagement is everything. And that doesn't mean making decisions for others. It means listening to the communities most affected by policies, building coalitions, and supporting advocacy toward a common goal. I want to continue learning how to listen and how to advocate, how to keep an open mind and how to speak with conviction.

The High Road taught me to think more critically about politics, policy, capitalism, power structures, racism, and the possibilities for progressive change. It made me think more critically about my role in my community and how our lives are interconnected. I better understand the need for collective power, and I'm inspired to be a part of it.


Career Path: 

My goal is attend law school. I'm interested in constitutional law, civil rights, and immigration. PBN has also taught me there is room for attorneys in the preservation and urban planning world -- which I'm now seriously considering!


Favorite Memory: 

The highlight of my summer was visiting Buffalo and seeing the historic sites I researched (and other High Roaders) in person. Also catching Mayor Byron Brown talking about speed cameras at a Merriweather Library event. And all the arts openers. And, of course, Anh's Vietnamese- style game night.