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Julia Haberfield

BSILR, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Habitat for Humanity

Work Highlight: 

Researching the most pressing housing needs in Buffalo and developing recommendations and action plans for how Habitat can better serve their community.


Summer Takeaway: 

I feel like I've seen first hand so much hope and optimism surrounding community based social justice movements and non-profit organizations. Learning how large and specialized this world is was great. I want to continue to meet the people doing this great work and working along side them; I really enjoyed it.

Having only spent one year at Cornell, and in a pandemic nonetheless, I only met a small portion of the student body. I remember ending the year a bit frustrated with some (definitely not all) of the people I met though in that I felt a lack of passion and care for things I care about. High Road has flipped that around and introduced me to students who are extremely dedicated and interested in all things community engagement, research, prodding into new territory, etc.


Career Path: 


Lawyer, teacher, or journalist.


Favorite Memory: 

Calls with my supervisor Barry was always great. We worked really well together and I always enjoyed talking through ideas with him. I also loved talking to the other fellows in break out rooms, it was always a breath of fresh air during a work day.