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Jonathan Zheng

BSILR, '22
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Niagara Community Reinvestment Coalition

Work Highlight: 

Published "A Report on Public Banking in the City of Buffalo." The research report will focus on the potential benefits and impacts a public bank can have on communities like Buffalo, particularly for low-to-moderate income (LMI) and minority communities. The project will help the Coalition in making the case for Buffalo to become a municipality that participates in public banking. It will also be used as a resource when meeting with state public officials and will help explain why Buffalo - and New York State as a whole - needs public banking.


Summer Takeaway: 

The High Road Fellowship has only increased my resolve to do something good and socially beneficial for society with my professional career. The fellowship and working on Buffalo-specific issues have only reinforced my understanding of how deep inequality has pervaded into our society. Despite the constant doom-and-gloom of injustice and the apparent immobility of progress, the High Road has inspired me by seeing how organizations, activists, and, most importantly, communities, persist and continue to fight tooth-and-nail against systemic forces of oppression. Even when the odds are against them and victory seems slim, forces of good can prevail - as long as we collectively do not give up. The incredible work that all the alumni, speakers, and guests are doing demonstrates that idea very effectively.


Career Path: 

Law Degree, Public Service, Government.


Favorite Memories: 

Through the High Road, I have learned so much about the power and potential of community, art, and activism in changing the direction of progress. Whether it is from the Canalside fight against Bass Pro or the creation of the Freedom Wall, the work that people and organizations do can truly create a strong social fabric within a community. I would like to continue to learn about how nonprofits function and how careers in nonprofits progress.