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Jaylexia Clark

Photo: Jaylexia Clark
Tampa, FL
Learning Disabilities Association of WNY

The Learning Disabilities Association of WNY is a parent and client led, professionally managed organization that assists individuals in gaining as much independence as their abilities allow. LDA provides an array of supports to individuals with learning disabilities, neurological impairments and other such disabilities. LDA programming includes service coordination (case management), leisure skill building, job coaching, residential services, and an art studio and gallery.

Work Highlights

  • Served as a member of the Educational Advocacy Department, assisting parents and families in the urban school district with issues related to special education rights and responsibilities.  
  • Assisted in designing workshops for mini-conferences targeted at providing parents and guardians with information on how to navigate the special education system, obtain accommodations for their child, learn their rights and responsibilities.  
  • Created toolkits for students to assist with self-advocacy within the special education system. These toolkits cover the rights and resources the students have in the public education system as well as exercises to encourage critical thinking to help the students aspire to their own goals and aspirations.  

In their words

“I decided to participate in the High Road because I wanted to learn how to become a more impactful citizen in the communities I live in. Furthermore I wanted to learn about career opportunities in the public service sector. I learned a lot about the political, economic, and social goals of the city through the various panels. I learned about mobilizing and organization from my supervisor. I also learned a lot about the impact non-profits can have on the community. I loved the fact that we all lived together and that we were allowed to plan trips/activities together. I also enjoyed learning from other people.”


“Jaylexia is a team player; she is courageous, bright, intelligent, a self-starter, and very ambitious. One of her best characteristics, and something that really affected me this summer, is her hope. The disabilities field is a field in which one could easily become lost in the day-to-day work, frustrations (at the micro and macro levels), and overall stress of working hard to improve the quality of life for folks with disabilities. Jaylexia never lost sight of her passion and the hope she has for the future of people who live in any sort of oppression. She truly believes things will get better and has dedicated her life to working for the better – whatever that means, in whatever arena she decides. She is an amazing young woman and was definitely an asset to our organization.”  

Phylicia Brown,  
Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York